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Writers Against Racism: Shift Happens at PoCC

Before I start with how today unfolded with the workshops I attended, and the books I purchased, I wanted to draw your attention to a video that was shown in one of my sessions, given by Dr. JuanCarlos Arauz from Peace x Piece Consulting. The original video, "Shift Happens," by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod, sends a strong message about globalization and our place in the world. We have a lot of work to do in our schools was the message I took away from this enlightening video.

(I am looking forward to interviewing Dr. Arauz tomorrow.)


  1. See USDOE’s 2008 update to the 1983 Nation at Risk; Flawn (2008) National Math Advisory Report; Stine (2005) Gathering Storm et al. We are at about 6th in the world I think. Our arrogance keeps us from acknowledging the truth. Spread the wore Ms. Amy. Much needed.

  2. How enligthening this video is Ace! I remember my son AB telling me email me mom (1995)just prior to his death: Let’s get the message out today so we won’t have to wait for “heaven can’t wait” for heaven’s sake!! THanks for this timely message.