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Writers Against Racism: Jerry Craft

I met the most interesting "character" recently, who has blessed me with the title: My NEW bff. Go, me!  Anyway, Jerry Craft is most talented with both his charm (see letter below) and his livelihood, encouraging children to read – through his books and his animations. So for me, Jerry’s letter was like opening a pandora’s box of  goodies, […]

Writers Against Racism: Haiti Reads Library

When I think of the enormous amount history that was also lost in Haiti’s earthquake, two weeks ago today, I cringe.  Just watch this video! Jeanette Attisso at the Haiti Reads Library I will state honestly that this blog post is in no way pieced together. It’s not even an attempt to try to make sense […]

Writers Against Racism: Quotes by Virginia Hamilton

In the midst of dealing with the crisis in Haiti, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to correspond with the late Virginia Hamilton’s husband, Arnold Adoff. We shared our profound grief at the losses and the devastation in Haiti. And ironically, while reading the book he co-authored, somehow I found great solace in […]

Writers Against Racism: Haiti as a Teaching Tool

My daughter and her friend are spending today, a Saturday, raising money for Haiti.  And if one positive thing can be gleaned from this devastating tragedy is that young people from all over the world want to help. It’s a great way to start the new year, having the world’s children championing a cause for those who […]

Writers Against Racism: A Birthday of Service

I celebrated my birthday today with my mom, Camille, my sister, Julia, and Fr. Sony  (a priest in Blue Mountain Lake, NY). Fr. Sony passed along a message that stuck with me, "Even though you are not in Haiti, you can still provide a service: teaching about the victims; writing about the tragedy; listening to the people […]

A Better Chance

Writers Against Racism: Schools For Haiti

Before the earthquake in Haiti, there were plenty of missionaries who were helping to build schools for orphans. Take a look.

Writers Against Racism: Writers Helping Haiti?

Here I sit. It’s so difficult to go about a normal teaching day, while at this very moment, scores of Haitians are struggling to survive.  It’s a haunting reality. Every tweet on Twitter and every status update on Facebook, in my opinion, should be devoted to Haiti. How can the world think of anything else? The […]

Writers Against Racism: School in Haiti

As the world mourns for the victims of the earthquake tragedy in Haiti, I am keeping a close eye on this story.  by Hwilkinson at the website.   Wilkinson writes… "…the Becky DeWine School, an eight-campus school they helped found in Cite Soleil – an institution that provides free education and meals to thousands of children in one […]

Writers Against Racism: Virginia Hamilton – A Video Biography

I wish I could find the person who produced this video montage on Virginia Hamilton’s life.  The rare photos are amazing, and while it’s not of a professional quality, there’s something quite charming about how the storyteller weaves together Virginia’s accomplishments. Take a look, as I continue to profile the life of the late Virginia […]