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Writers Against Racism: CHAINS Trailer by Carmen Escamilla

I received the following email from one of my loyal readers and commenters, Beverly Sue Herrera:

Dear Amy,

I am sending you the book trailer for CHAINS [by Laurie Halse Anderson]. Our librarian, Carmen Escamilla, made it to encourage students to read books by a variety of authors, and on a variety of topics.

Carmen is the librarian at Alexander High School library and is also secretary and a founding member of the Laredo Food for Thought Foundation.  She initiated the One City, One Book event for Laredo, Texas. The first year we brought Holocaust survivor and Academy Award winner, Gerda W. Klein.  Last year we hosted Sonia Nazario, Pulitzer Prize winner for ENRIQUE’S JOURNEY.  With Carmen’s help, the citizens of Laredo are reading books which motivate them to get involved. She is constantly expanding the school library, adding books of all genres and concerning all cultures and colors. Students are beginning to read books which represent their lives, learning that authors come in just as many types as students. These book trailers are designed to get students to pick up books which they might not otherwise notice.

Beverly Herrera
Laredo, Texas

Hats off to Carmen, and I do hope you watch this powerful trailer!

If you know of someone who is helping to erase racism, feel free to send me their story: and you can also follow me on Twitter:


  1. George Edward Stanley says:

    Fantastic, Beverly and Carmen! What you’re doing in Laredo is incredible! I wish it were nationwide! I’m looking forward to our February Skype visit.

  2. B Herrera says:

    Thank you George, for sending me to Amy. Carmen has been my inspiration and Annie Trevino, the third girl in our trio, makes me believe in what we can do. That has made it easier and so much fun that we don’t mind running around, looking for authors, places, and enough money to bring literature to Laredo. We won’t give up. Even though our book store is closing Jan. 16, we have seized the news coverage as an opportunity to let the world know that people in Laredo read, write and think! They are so supportive of anyone sharing their knowledge with the citizens. Ask anyone who’s come, and they’ll tell you how fantastic the atmosphere is here. Laredo readers savor creative opportunities. And Amy, thanks so much for running the book trailer. Carmen is crying, which she always does when she’s overwhelmed. Your blog has been a great place for me to share my ideas and learn about so many great authors.