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Writers Against Racism: School in Haiti

As the world mourns for the victims of the earthquake tragedy in Haiti, I am keeping a close eye on this story
Photo comes via The Hands Together Becky DeWine School

by Hwilkinson at the website.  

Wilkinson writes…

"…the Becky DeWine School, an eight-campus school they helped found in Cite Soleil – an institution that provides free education and meals to thousands of children in one of the most poverty-stricken regions of Earth.

The school is named for the DeWines’ late daughter, who was killed in a 1993 auto accident.

“I just don’t know what happened to the school at this point,” DeWine said in a phone interview Wednesday morning. “I don’t know if the kids had gone home when this happened; and we don’t know if the buildings were destroyed. It is a horrible situation.”

Schools like this one will need to be rebuilt – while books, technology, and resources will be needed for school and libraries. Regarding the relief efforts, let’s be vigilant now, and, after the news about the tragedy comes to a close. 

Photo comes via The Hands Together Becky DeWine School


  1. B Herrera says:

    It shows you how much work there is to do to help others. And one person doesn’t have to do everything. Each of us can do a little, and together we can do a lot. Haiti will need everything and more. First they need medical and survival supplies, but after the world turns away to the next headline, they will need schools, books, homes, clothing, and hope. This is a chance for all governments and citizens to show they can unite for a common goal, without egos and with empathy for the needs of the people of Haiti.

  2. The scope of this tragedy is just overwhelming. While I’m doing a Red Cross donation now, I want to wait & see what will be the best place for donations to primarily benefit children, such as schools.