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Writers Against Racism: Majora Carter’s tale of urban renewal

As I prepare for tomorrow’s #TEDxNYED conference, I’ve been inspired by tweets coming in from @cervus who responded to a tweet I sent with: "@abowllan Oh, great blog [referring to mine – blush]! Chimamanda Adichie’s TEDtalk is amazing, do you know Gilbert’s  and Carter’s?" 

So please…check out Majora Carter, as we need more voices like hers! And yet my fear with tomorrow’s panelists at #TEDxNYED is that, while they all are definitely capable and worldly in their understanding of technology’s impact on our world, I need to see more global representation in regards to panelists around the world – just like I need to see more, diverse K-12 reading lists for the books in our schools. We have to do better in so many ways. Maybe I am just tired before tomorrow’s big day, but I am frustrated.

I hope you will stay tuned tomorrow, as I will be tweeting and blogging ALL DAY! Be with me, y’all! :)