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Writers Against Racism: ‘Stand and Deliver’ Teacher Jaime Escalante dies at 79

His messages from a teacher to his students: YOU CAN DO IT and DON’T QUIT!

Rest in peace, Jaime! You did the job that every teacher needs to do…LOVE YOUR CHILDREN FIRST, then the teaching comes naturally.


  1. B Herrera says:

    A few years ago I met Jaime Escalante at a conference in Corpus Christi, Texas. He had been the keynote speaker and we ran into each other on the display floor afterwards. As we began talking, he showed a keen interest in my students and how I was working with them to make them successful in a world they had previously experienced only defeat. He was a quiet, passionate man who valued each person. Not once did he make me feel inferior. In the hour we spent talking, we were both educators equally focused on the same thing – reaching every student. Even though he had a movie made about him, he still considered himself just a student of education, learning more from others than he taught. I consider myself lucky indeed to have shared some time with him. His encouragement and suggestions have helped me when I have struggled with students and with my own life. He wasn’t always easy to work with, especially if you were an administrator, but he is an inspiration to those of us who work with “forgotten chldren.” He is one of my few heroes. As he told me, “We can’t give up on anyone. Every student can learn. We just have to find a way to teach them.”

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    B, I am so grateful you shared this story. It’s a tribute, in and of itself. Thank you so much! -Amy

  3. B Herrera says:

    He should be celebrated and remembered because he did what he had to do – not what he was told to do – in order to get the students to succeed. He definitely kept me motivated.