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Writers Against Racism: Thinking About PRECIOUS

The Oscars is just minutes away and all I have on my mind right now is…PRECIOUS. I first saw Precious on the cover of the NYT magazine last summer and got very excited! Finally! A large, black, woman, is making positive inroads in a movie world that is riddled with stereotypical roles for people of color, but NOT PRECIOUS. In […]

Writers Against Racism: Saved By Her Enemy by Don Teague & Rafraf Barrak

"I’m no different than anybody else here."  -Rafraf Barrak, SAVED BY HER ENEMY   CBS News Correspondent, Don Teague, sent me his first book SAVED BY HER ENEMY by Don Teague and Rafraf Barrak (Howard Books/Simon & Schuster 2010) and as a former journalist who now teaches (and blogs), it’s a book that should be used […]

Writers Against Racism: Majora Carter’s tale of urban renewal

As I prepare for tomorrow’s #TEDxNYED conference, I’ve been inspired by tweets coming in from @cervus who responded to a tweet I sent with: "@abowllan Oh, great blog [referring to mine – blush]! Chimamanda Adichie’s TEDtalk is amazing, do you know Gilbert’s  and Carter’s?"  So please…check out Majora Carter, as we need more voices like hers! And […]

Writers Against Racism: Uma Krishnaswami

I’ve been scanning the web, in a effort catch up with some of my W.A.R., in the hopes that their books are getting the attention they deserve.  Uma Krishnaswami has a delicious book list on her blog and I wanted to share the good books with you.

Writers Against Racism: Uma Krishnaswami’s Reading List

I’ve been scanning the web (what else is new) trying to find my W.A.R., and hoping their books are getting the attention they deserve. Uma Krishnaswami has a delicious book list on her blog, writing with a broken tusk  and I wanted to share her good books with you.