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Writers Against Racism: Bowllan’s Blog Turns 5 on 5/10/2010!!!

Dear faithful readers, SHHHHH!!! It’s a surprise party! My blog turns 5 on May 10, 2010! Can you believe it!!!???  (Also, my profile picture has changed over the years, too. Which is your favorite? Be nice. 😉 But I have met some wonderful people who are now my lifelong FRIENDS – more about that later. And that said… Please help […]

Dosha Cover

Writers Against Racism: Sonia Meyer (Part 1)

"She lived much of her life like a Gypsy, moving from city to city across Europe, and eventually landing in the states. In Geneva she worked with Jewish refugees, she spent time with the Bedouins in the Negev desert, eventually moving to the States." (via PRWeb What Americans Can Learn From Gypsy Culture)  (photo comes […]

Writers Against Racism: EARTH DAY: A UNIVERSAL BEDTIME STORY by Barbara Lee George

"Committed to shining a light on our world’s DIVERSITY…Environmental, Cultural and Creative"  -Barbara Lee George It’s such an awesome job being a blogger! Really. I meet the coolest people, everyday. Just last night, and thanks to my friend MyMia introducing me, I was on the phone with Barbara Lee George, an author/illustrator who is speaking to students today […]

Writers Against Racism: Remembering Dr. Dorothy Height and Freedom Sisters

“Greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes, but by the opposition he or she has overcome to reach his goals.” -Dorothy Height In broadcast journalism we refer to breaking news as THIS JUST IN. We stop everything and go with the story of the day. And in education I implore teachers to do the […]

Writers Against Racism: Debbie aka MissShuganah


If you are not on Twitter, you should be. And if you are on Twitter, you should be following Debbie, aka MissShuganah. Educollab: A place where educators and parents can find shared language and common ground. "But when you take care of someone, and they cannot speak and they came from you, concentration is everything. […]

Writers Against Racism: MAIL BAG!!!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I LOVE MAIL: e-mail, snail mail – you name it – I love it! My daughter and I both fight to open the spam folders and the circulars! So when I receive a really kind e-mail from a reader, I ask the sender if I can post it to my blog. I do this for many reasons […]

Writers Against Racism: MAIL BAG!!!


FULL DISCLOSURE: I LOVE MAIL: e-mail, snail mail – you name it – I love it! My daughter and I, both, fight to open the mailbox, spam folders, and who could resist circulars?! So when I receive a really, kind e-mail from a reader, I ask the sender if I can post it to my blog. I do […]

Writers Against Racism: Synthia SAINT JAMES Receives Trumpet Award

She’s absolutely EXTRAORDINARY! Really!  And so much of Synthia SAINT JAMES’s artwork, you’ve seen. Remember the Cosby Show  A Different World? Synthia’s work was featured! Here’s an addendum to my initial post, per Synthia: "A HUGE press error is that my art was on the COSBY. But not one was mine. Most of the art was Varnette […]

Writers Against Racism: 2010 National Diversity in Libraries Conference (Princeton University)

The NDLC conference program is now available if you’re interested in attending with me. I along with other W.A.R. writers are on a panel and my talk is focused primarily about W.A.R.  Claiming the center: Online community, activism and advocacy – LaTonya Baldwin, Amy Bodden Bowllan, Edith Campbell, Doret Canton What are you doing to improve your professional […]