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Writers Against Racism: 2010 National Diversity in Libraries Conference (Princeton University)

The NDLC conference program is now available if you’re interested in attending with me. I along with other W.A.R. writers are on a panel and my talk is focused primarily about W.A.R. 

Claiming the center: Online community, activism and advocacyLaTonya Baldwin, Amy Bodden Bowllan, Edith Campbell, Doret Canton

What are you doing to improve your professional online presence? Are you blogging? Tweeting? Through the creation of blogs, wikis and websites individual members of marginalized groups are using the Internet to connect and mobilize with readers, writers, educators and other literacy advocates around the country/globe. Meet the members of our community, learn about the resources we share and the work we do to promote authors of color, provide book reviews, debate issues and rally together in dynamic projects such as Writers Against Racism (W.A.R.). Witness how our individual interests have grown into community platforms. 

There are other panel discussions that look pretty meaty. Here are a few:

OUCH! That stereotype hurts
Deborah Blackwell and Cathi Finnen 

Influence of a slow economy on diversity in the workplace: its implications for libraries

Phillipa Brown and Sharon K. Epps

Working with interracial library users, researchers and colleaguesKaren E. Downing, Darlene Nichols, Charles Ransom, Alexandra Rivera

Please visit the wiki to learn how to register.