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Writers Against Racism: MAIL BAG!!!


I LOVE MAIL: e-mail, snail mail – you name it – I love it! My daughter and I both fight to open the spam folders and the circulars! So when I receive a really kind e-mail from a reader, I ask the sender if I can post it to my blog. I do this for many reasons (ego is probably somewhere swirling around), but the main reason is that it validates for me, what is important for readers, after nearly/almost 5-years of blogging for School Library Journal. Yes, another hint. 😉

Here’s a recent letter from Nilki, one of my readers who gave me permission to repost her letter, and who made my day during a ‘hellish’ week. Thanks, Nilki!

Dear Amy,

I’m a recent reader of your blog Writers Against Racism, and noticed you had a wonderful blogroll for blogs that support, among other things, writers of color.  I wanted to invite you to see my blog Musings where I offer support to beginning writers while promoting primarily writers of color.  I also edit for Diversify Your Reading a wonderful blog that provides links to book reviews about books written by authors of color.  I would appreciate if you would consider the two blogs for your blogroll, I have certainly added yours to Musings.

Diversify Your Reading:

Many thanks for all the wonderful things you are doing.  <– [Love this]

Nilki Benitez