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Writers Against Racism: MAIL BAG!!!

Bowllan and daughter waiting for mail to arrive. :)
I LOVE MAIL: e-mail, snail mail – you name it – I love it! My daughter and I, both, fight to open the mailbox, spam folders, and who could resist circulars?! So when I receive a really, kind e-mail from a reader, I ask the sender if I can post it to my blog. I do this for many reasons (ego is probably somewhere swirling around), but the main reason is that it validates for me, what is important for my readers. And after nearly/almost 5-years of blogging for School Library Journal, I am grateful for my readers. Yes, another hint. 😉

Here’s a recent letter from Nilki, one of my new readers who gave me permission to repost her letter, and who made my day during this ‘hellish’ week. Thanks, Nilki!

Dear Amy,

I’m a recent reader of your blog Writers Against Racism, and noticed you had a wonderful blogroll for blogs that support, among other things, writers of color.  I wanted to invite you to see my blog Musings where I offer support to beginning writers while promoting primarily writers of color.  I also edit for Diversify Your Reading a wonderful blog that provides links to book reviews about books written by authors of color.  I would appreciate if you would consider the two blogs for your blogroll, I have certainly added yours to Musings.

Diversify Your Reading:
Many thanks for all the wonderful things you are doing.  

Nilki Benitez 


  1. Thanks for posting this, Amy! But above all else, thank you so much for the work you are doing here at school library journal and Writers Against Racism.

    Please tell your daughter her trenzas are gorgeous!!!

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    You are most welcome! I sent your link to our tech department for my blogroll Hopefully you will see it soon.

    I will tell my daughter :) I just trimmed her trenzas yesterday. What a feat! :)