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Writers Against Racism: Sonia Meyer (Part 1)

"She lived much of her life like a Gypsy, moving from city to city across Europe, and eventually landing in the states. In Geneva she worked with Jewish refugees, she spent time with the Bedouins in the Negev desert, eventually moving to the States." (via PRWeb What Americans Can Learn From Gypsy Culture)

Sonia Meyer (via Twitter) (photo comes via Twitter)
Her novel, DOSHA, is due out this summer, and Gypsy activist Sonia Meyer reached out to me on Facebook in an effort to tell her story. What struck me in her e-mail was this line, "The story of the Gypsies in Europe is probably the most tragic story of persecution in Western culture." And since it’s a story that is largely unfamiliar to me, I invited Sonia to join the W.A.R. series, so to provide the facts to back up her claims. She agreed. Thanks, Sonia!

Here’s a recent comment she left which I believe is a good introduction to our interview.

Sonia writes…

I was a child during the racist war of Adolf Hitler. My family went underground, living in forests, abandoned buildings, small towns for short periods. It was only after the war that I learned the full extent of the racist persecutions and killings of millions of people. The Germans themselves were in denial, thinking themselves to be the victims of reprisals. The Germans paid for the crimes with many deaths and the total destruction of their country. Racist wars always end up killing both persecuted and persecutors. 

The racist wars have influenced my life in a positive way. I have always fought for the underdog, no matter who, no matter where. 

Most racists are indoctrinated from early childhood on. I believe only superb teachers or artists can undo that harmful damage. Literature, good and honest writing, has the capacity of entering the mind and heart and change perceptions. 

This world of ours cannot afford racism. We have to live in harmony with each other, respect and welcome the difference. Anything else will prove, as with Hitler, in the end self-destructive.

For more, please visit Sonia’s blog, DOSHA, and be on the lookout for my upcoming interview.