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Writers Against Racism: Bowllan’s Blog Turns 5 on 5/10/2010!!!

Dear faithful readers,

SHHHHH!!! It’s a surprise party! My blog turns 5 on May 10, 2010! Can you believe it!!!??? 

(Also, my profile picture has changed over the years, too. Which is your favorite? Be nice. 😉

But I have met some wonderful people who are now my lifelong FRIENDS – more about that later. And that said…

Please help me celebrate by submitting ANYTHING you want. It can be about ANYTHING that you saw and liked, or wanted to see more of! As long as it’s relevant (and clean) I will post it. I just want you to celebrate this milestone with me.

I am really looking forward to May 10! Really!!! In the meantime, I have a party to plan! e-mail your rsvp,



  1. George Edward Stanley says:

    Dear Amy, I’ve already started blowing up the balloons and getting out the confetti! And yesterday I sent you Billie Hill’s great article in the Lawton Constitution about the Best Young Adult Book Award for NIGHT FIRES from the Oklahoma Center for the Book. As you saw, she praised you and all the incredible WAR work you’re doing! Thank you, friend, for all of that and for all of your incredible support! Here’s to the first five years at SLJ and here’s to another fifty!!! (I’ll be 118, but I plan to be here for the celebration!)

  2. George Edward Stanley says:

    P.S. I vote for the current photograph.

  3. If I knew it was your birthday I would have baked a cake!!!
    I love the vast array of information you provide here. You motivate me to not just do my best, but to try to excel at what I do and to keep people informed and to be gracious while doing it.
    I think the WAR series was an amazing and necessary contribution to the blogosphere and I thank you again for doing that.
    I can’t imagine what the next 5 years will be like!
    As for the photo, after we meet in July, I’ll see which looks the most like you!

  4. BHerrera says:

    I have not been with you the entire five years, but I am glad I found you this last year. Thanks, George, for pointing me in the right direction, and congratulations on your award. This helps show that WAR writers know what they are doing, and should be listened to. Amy, keep highlighting authors of all colors, shapes and types. After all, we are all writing about the same thing – life. And our lives are not so different once we get past the artifical wrappings. We dream, we fear, we love, and we live. That is what I see in all the writers, illustrators and activists you have highlighted. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep reading and believing.

  5. Amy Bowllan says:

    This feedback is tremendous in many ways. Thank you so much!