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Writers Against Racism: George Stanley is a 2010 Oklahoma Book Award Winner

NIGHT FIRES author and W.A.R. writer George Stanley, has been featured here several times.
George has been incredibly supportive and instrumental in spreading the word about the need to talk and to teach about race in schools.  He is one of the founding members of W.A.R., and I am proud to annouce his recent accomplishment: winner of the 2010 Oklahoma Book Award for his fantastic book, NIGHT FIRES (Simon and Schuster, 2009)! 

George was kind enough to give W.A.R. a shout out in his interview.

"His six-year effort on this book also prompted Stanley to become involved with the project “Writers Against Racism (WAR)” created by School Library Journal contributing blogger Amy Bowllan, and to write to Attorney General Eric Holder after his comments on Americans’ general fear of confronting and talking about racial issues. “I wish the Department of Justice and the Department of Education would call a conference in Washington, D.C. to bring together writers who have written children’s and young adult novels that deal with racism. We can start talking. I would certainly attend — and I have other writer friends who I think also would attend,” he wrote to Holder. (comes via Billie Hill reporter for the Lawton Constitution)

Kudos to you, George, and to the other winners!!!


  1. George Edward Stanley says:

    Amy, what amazing things have happened since last June (2009) when you blogged about wanting suggestions for summer books to read! I’m glad you chose NIGHT FIRES. It was the beginning of an incredible friendship. You absolutely amaze me! You’re the General in the WAR effort! We’ll all keep soldiering on until the battle is won!!

  2. B Herrera says:

    I want to take a moment to say how much I admire Amy and George. They are doing what many are afraid to do – talking about our fears and prejudices. Only by openingly acknowledging that we tend to prejudge and stereotype others because it is easy (and rather fun in a gossipy kind of way) can we begin to move past our preconceived images of each other and become family. I ran into one of my ex-basketball players at the hospital the other day. It had been 25 years, but she took one look at me, ran over, hugged me, then turned to my mother and cried, “Momma!” and hugged her. Within five minutes I was caught up on 25 years of hot news and was reminded that sincerity lasts forever. We used to talk and laugh about how we weren’t supposed to get along with each other because of our differences, but that never slowed us down. On the way home I commented on how glad I was that Ruby remembered me and my mother explained that it was because Ruby always knew I cared. Ruby reminded me that there are no barriers unless we put them up ourselves. WAR is showing people how to take those barriers down again and allowing us to talk freely about those emotions which shape our lives. Thanks Amy. Thanks George. You both inspire me.

  3. Hi Amy! I just wanted to congratulation you and George–I’m a little late in just seeing the news today, but I’m so incredibly happy to have met you and learned about W.A.R. Thank you for everything you’re doing!