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Writers Against Racism: A Tribute to Bowllan’s Blog by Ziana de Bethune

So, Bowllan’s Blog is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Wow, that’s amazing. I’d like to take a few minutes to honor the lady who sits at the helm here in this space—Amy Bodden Bowllan. Ziana Bethune - Author, VALANTINUS
Constant, dedicated blogging takes an enormous amount of energy but this lady has been consistent in bringing information to us, come rain or shine. In my opinion, Bowllan’s Blog is a very important, indispensable element on this vast information highway known as the Internet. One of the reasons I feel this way is that Amy Bowllan offers us input from very interesting people, straight from their minds to ours. It doesn’t matter that we don’t always agree with some of the comments her guests make. Reality dictates that nobody on earth will agree with anyone else on earth 100% of the time. 


What DOES matter is that she honors all of us by allowing each guest to speak freely. A right so basic as Freedom Of Speech is something we often take for granted. We tend to forget that there are still parts of this world in which persecution and suffering is the cost that some pay for having spoken their minds. So…here’s to you, Amy, for allowing your guests to be heard even when 100% of your readership do not always agree. Kudos for bringing the data to us straight up and straightforward!


Amy is a virtual powerhouse. This lady shies away from nothing, supports worthy causes by actively participating rather than just talking about them, and expends even more energy by bringing libraries to people who would otherwise not have access to the gold mine that is the written word. Can you imagine a world without books? I cannot. Again, Amy…I take my hat off to you.


Amy doesn’t only delve into topics that are deep and thought-provoking, but just about every topic imaginable, including home schooling, “Blogmania,” kids, technology, diversity, authors…you name it. What she does, really, is compile information that some of us just don’t have time to hunt down, and points us in the right direction. What a valuable contribution this woman makes!


Congratulations on your five year blog anniversary, Amy! The Internet is a much better place because you’re in it! Keep doing what you do, because we love you for it.

(I am humbled by this tribute, Ziana…truly humbled) 


Ziana de Bethune – author of newly released VALANTINUS.

Oh, by the way…there’s a contest on now to win a signed copy of Valantinus.  All you have to do is send an email to the link, and write "Valantinus Draw" in the subject line.