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Writers Against Racism: The Cake by Jerry Craft

How sweet, Jerry! Thank you so much! Chocolate is my favorite!!!

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  1. George Edward Stanley says:

    Amy, I’m just back from Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, where I spoke at the 46th Annual Bloomsburg University Reading Conference (it’s a stop on the IRA circuit, I believe). It was great fun! I did three talks on Thursday, and the last one was called “Erasing Racism” where I talked about all the things that have happened since NIGHT FIRES! Although there were a number of teachers who told me that they visited the School Library Journal site often, they didn’t always check out the blogs, but now that they know about your starting the W.A.R, they’ll be going there daily, I’m sure. We talked about reading lists and how they don’t usually represent this country’s great Writers of Color. I was quite surprised, though, that a number of those attending do try very hard to make sure their students know about as many cultures and ethnic groups which make up this great nation as possible. Still, they were absolutely thrilled to learn about all of the links to these authors on your blog site. The blogs added while I was gone will only add to the information they can share with the students in their classes. I have to tell you, Amy, that my hope was renewed.

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    George, this is tremendous news! I am speaking at the National Diversity in Libraries conference in July and will certainly raise the points your raise. This is extremely helpful, as it outlines the positives as well. :) Thanks, as always!!!