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Writers Against Racism: Katherine Paterson’s ‘Gift’

I am sure you will agree that gifts are not always the nicely packaged ones with bows and wrapping paper. Right? Sometimes a gift can present itself in the form of words spoken, or deeds done. 

Well last week was a week to remember. I must thank you ALL for the warm wishes and support. And for those of you who thought I forgot about the gift(s) I received, I have not.

New kids’ ambassador and Newbery Award winning American author Katherine Paterson, visited my school on Wednesday. And for me it was like seeing a rock star! I totally threw on my ‘groupie’ cap; especially when Ms. Paterson hung her Newbery  National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature medal on the podium, I felt faint. (THANK YOU, Ms. Robin Shinder, for correcting me, as it was not her Newbery award hanging on the podium but the National Ambassador’s Award. It’s thanks to Robin for inviting Katherine to speak at my school.)

What were the gifts, you ask?
Katherine Paterson’s words, laughter, experiences and anecdotes were the greatest gifts I could have received during the week of my 5-year anniversary/birthday. Here are just a few pearls of wisdom from Katherine-the-
Great, that emphasized to me, the need to keep the W.A.R. movement going, and why I am keeping it at the forefront of this blog:

"As a little girl, and even today, whenever I read a book, I learned about children from all over the world. They became my friends, and I wanted to know more." -Katherine Paterson

"We are made of the same stuff as stars!" Angel’s story "Every child needs some adult who loves him." 

"One idea doth not make a novel. You need more."

Katherine is working on a new book, but if she tells anyone about the idea for the book beforehand, she says is what will kill it.

It’s the ability to expose students to the diverse world outside their doors, and exposure to diverse authors, too.