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Writers Against Racism: The Gifts

The following pictures are clues as to the surprise gifts I received yesterday. These presents I will cherish forever! Any takers? No. I did not receive the award. Good one! Clue#2) Can you guess who this is?

Writers Against Racism: A Blog Celebration

Today I received a surprise gift, which I will share with you tomorrow. But today I am also grateful for the kind words of support from the fabulous Mitali Perkins:  "Happy Blog Birthday, Amy! Thanks for all you do to connect and encourage." …my blog colleague, Diane Chen: "Amy, I remember sitting near you at […]

Writers Against Racism: A Tribute to Bowllan’s Blog by Ziana de Bethune

So, Bowllan’s Blog is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Wow, that’s amazing. I’d like to take a few minutes to honor the lady who sits at the helm here in this space—Amy Bodden Bowllan.  Constant, dedicated blogging takes an enormous amount of energy but this lady has been consistent in bringing information to us, come rain or shine. In […]

Writers Against Racism: Bowllan’s Blog is 5-Years Old! Facebook Greetings

Amy Bodden Bowllan is celebrating her blog’s 5th birthday today!!!   Lisa DrBunny Lashley, Jacqueline Bodden Chin, Roxie Munro and 3 others like this. Eve Hammond Bushman Happy Birthday Blog! My Mia Moore HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May your Blog contuine to educated and inspire us all. Love You Madly your other Sis:) Ziana de Béthune-Author […]

Writers Against Racism: My Blog is 5 Today!!!

This week I will be celebrating, YOU, since it’s YOU, the readers who have made this blog a huge success.  Thank you, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Writers Against Racism: Meet Dianne Kimball

Reflection#1) My first interview was May 18, 2005, with a librarian named Dianne Kimball.  Dianne was an attendee at the SLJ Summit, and because this summit was a new initiative, the fine folks at SLJ wanted feedback as to what made it successful, and how we could keep the conversation going. But the fact that I wasn’t […]

Writers Against Racism: THROUGH THE NIGHT by Daniel Beaty

For teachers in the NYC area, THROUGH THE NIGHT would be a wonderful field trip opportunity for students, as Obie Award-winner, Daniel Beaty, delivers a performance of what it means to be an African American male. Click the picture for details. "Six African American males, ages 10 to 60, discover the power of possibility through one extraordinary […]

Writers Against Racism:

Edi, thank you for your kindness. Your reading lists should be mandated in every school across the country!!! This summer’s conference at SDLC will prove to be a positive step in the right direction. Thank you for the comment. Bring a cake with you!! May 2, 2010 In response to: Writers Against Racism: Bowllan’s Blog […]

Writers Against Racism: Bowllan’s Blog Turns 5!

The well wishes are starting to come in. Thanks, Beverly, for your comment and support. W.A.R. is for everyone! May 2, 2010 In response to: Writers Against Racism: Bowllan’s Blog Turns 5 on 5/10/2010!!! BHerrera commented: I have not been with you the entire five years, but I am glad I found you this last […]

Writers Against Racism: George Stanley is a 2010 Oklahoma Book Award Winner

NIGHT FIRES author and W.A.R. writer George Stanley, has been featured here several times.   George has been incredibly supportive and instrumental in spreading the word about the need to talk and to teach about race in schools.  He is one of the founding members of W.A.R., and I am proud to annouce his recent accomplishment: winner of the 2010 Oklahoma […]