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Writers Against Racism: Part 2 of Starting Anew

Adjusting to a new blog’s platform is not the hard part, since blogs are now, much more user friendly than in years past. My struggle with this new migration is the silence from my readers. I don’t know if you’re still out there! Holla, y’all!

Here’s what I am working on, as far as the ‘kinks’ go:

1) My e-mail address is MISSING in action – just for now – but we’re working on it. If you need to reach me, or you are a W.A.R author, please use:  for now.

2) My RSS feed is forthcoming.

3) Links to older posts from an online search have not yet migrated over. I do hope they will.

4) Videos that were embedded in posts have not yet migrated.

Migration is so much easier in the animal kingdom, so PLEASE give me a ‘howl’ if you’re still with me!


  1. This is all wonderfu, Amy, and I’m certainly here with you. That NYT article is so affirming. Keep up the fantastic work, friend!!

    • Amy Bowllan says:

      George!!! I am thankful you found the new site. I will be posting NEW contact information for me. Please pass it along, as the old info. is no longer active. Best, and great to hear from you!!! -Amy :)

  2. … although I seem to be dropping letters in some of my words!!!