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Writers Against Racism: Preparing for NDLC

Ironically, my nephew’s wedding is this weekend in Washington DC., as is the ALA conference!!!  Hmmmm…maybe I’ll be able to sneak out from the festivities and do some snooping around at the Convention Center.  PLEASE don’t tell anyone my plans.

And while my colleagues are preparing for ALA, my energies today are focused on preparing a dynamic presentation for the National Diversity in Libraries Conference at Princeton University next month. By the way, if you have not signed up, here’s the registration link.  

Here are my goals:

1) Keep my part of the presentation short, sweet and informative.

2) Provide links to the W.A.R. blogroll. PLEASE send me your blog address if your link is not listed.

3) Share anecdotes from Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie’s, The danger of a single story.

  “…The problem with stereotypes is not that they are not untrue…but they are incomplete.”

  “…The consequence of the single story is this…it robs people of dignity.”

-Chimamanda Adichie

4) Provide links to all the authors featured in the series:

August 2009

September 2009

Octbober 2009

November 2009


  1. I am excited and nervous. Oh no I don’t have anecdotes or something off the cuff funny. Will probably look for an outfit tomorrow.