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Writers Against Racism: Kids Talk Foundation

If you’re a long time reader of mine, you’ll know that one of my goals is to make it to Africa – to do something – teach, build libraries, blog, etc.  

So my dear friend MaryEllen, who is like my sister, sent me a link to KidsTalk, which is an organization run by a brilliant woman, Ninon de Vere De Rosa, who provides amazing opportunities for the young people in Kakamega, Kenya. 

Here’s one aspect of the foundation’s goals that was of particular interest to me,The Youth Training Program provides students with the opportunity to vastly improve their personal communication skills while attaining exceptional skills in media (television and film) production. Concurrently, students expand their knowledge about national and global concerns.”

In the coming days I will profile various parts of her program.  Here’s a background video she produced for KidsTalkTv.