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Writers Against Racism: Harlem Book Fair 2010

The Harlem Book Fair’s program is listed here for those who are attending from Saturday, July 17  to Monday, July 19. There’s a full entree of activities, author talks, workshops, readings, exhibitors and events to participate in.

But one event that has piqued my interest, since my NDLC panel discussion revolves around this topic – is the following:

White and Whatever: Diversity in Children’s & Young Adult Book Publishing  3:55 pm – 5:10 pm
“The United States is an extremely diverse nation. But books for children and young adults hardly reflect that diversity. Only a small percentage of the books published every year are written and or illustrated by people of color. Many of these don’t make it to the market place. Why, in 2010, when the nation has elected its first African American president, is the book publishing industry still not meeting the need and demand for books that explore the width and breathe of our country’s multicultural experiences? This panel will explore the complex issues and suggest solutions to a problem that is garnering a lot of attention.”

I believe this will be broadcasted on C-Span and am looking forward to the discussion.


  1. Joe Young Jr. Author of the national best seller “Diamond Ruff” will be a presenter at the Harlem Book Fair. He is available for phone interviews or in person the day of he Fair.