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Writers Against Racism: Lee and Low Books – Multicultural Books

Yesterday, while I was preparing for NDLC 2010, I ran across this Facebook post from Lee & Low Books, and wanted to share it, since it’s the perfect tie-in for my panel discussion: Claiming the Center: Online Community, Activism and Advocacy.

Lee & Low Books Author W. Nikola-Lisa writes multicultural books because “I write for a world I’d like to live in.” Why do you write/read multicultural books?
W. Nikola-Lisa is the author of many popular books for children, including Bein’ With You This Way, Shake Dem Halloween Bones, and Can You Top That?
Kelly Starling Lyons
Great question. I write multicultural books because as a kid I rarely saw children’s books featuring characters of color. I want a different reality for kids today. I read multicultural books and celebrate them everywhere I go because it’s so important for all children to know their stories matter, that they matter. Thank you, W. Nikola-Lisa and Lee & Low for showing the beauty of a multicultural world.
Suzanne Kamata
I read them because I’m interested in knowing about all kinds of people. I write them because I want my children to see themselves in books.
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