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Writers Against Racism: I Caught My Friends!


On Friday, I caught two of my friends, in the act! Friend number one is reading HONEY BABY SUGAR CHILD by Alice Faye Duncan (Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, 2005), while friend number 2 is reading Mitali Perkins’s SECRET KEEPER (Delacorte Books 2009) And while I have not yet reached my September 1st goal of catching 100 people, reading […]

Writers Against Racism: Bur Bur and Friends children’s book (Caught!)


As they say, necessity is the mother of all invention. In this case, it was Kakie Fitzsimmons’s desire to find characters for her son to relate to that a wildly popular Bur Bur and Friends children’s book series was born. Pictured here with her son they are holding the second book from the series, Bur […]

Writers Against Racism: Eboni Caught Her Son, Kai, (and Hubby)!


I’ve attached a photograph of my son reading Please, Baby, Please by Spike Lee (illustrated by Tanya Lee Lewis).  This was back when he was somewhere around 1 year.  We’ve been reading to him since he was 3 weeks old.  We still read this book to him.  He is now 3 and a half. For […]

Writers Against Racism: Zetta Elliott Got Caught, too!


Author/Educator Zetta Elliot got caught reading an author of color’s book and sent me the following blurb. “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is a captivating story about friendship, loyalty, kindness, and gratitude.  Grace Lin’s novel–like the moon it describes–is luminous!”  Zetta Elliott, PhD  writer ~ educator

Writers Against Racism: “What Did Abuela Say?” by Karen Valentin

Cheryl Willis Hudson from Just Us Books sent me yet another picture of more young people getting caught reading author of color’s books at the Young Reader’s Pavilion @ Harlem Book Fair 2010. In this photo, “What Did Abuela Say? by Karen Valentin, illustrated by Michelle Dorenkamp, published by Marimba Books. copyright by Marimba Books“ […]

Writers Against Racism: Cheryl Willis Hudson


…from Just Us Books sent this photo of this adorable little girl, getting caught reading an Author of Color’s book. “This photo was taken at a booksigning at Watchung Booksellers in Montclair, NJ for My Friend Maya Loves to Dance by Cheryl Willis Hudson, illustrated by Eric Velasquez. (Abrams Books for Young Readers)” (Photo credit […]

Writers Against Racism: Author Nnedi Okorafor Got Caught!

Get Caught Reading 2bb

My daughter, Anyaugo, took this picture. I was just home from teaching an evening class. It was late but I wasn’t ready for bed yet; a good time for a trip to the Ivory Coast in the 70s. 😉 Aya: The Secrets Come Out by Marguerite Abouet is one of  my favorite graphic novels.

Writers Against Racism: Got Caught, LEE and LOW BOOKS, INC

Photo 1

Hannah Ehrlich and her colleague, Miriam, work in Marketing & Publicity at LEE & LOW BOOKS, INC. They got caught reading two authors of color’s books. “I’m reading G. Neri’s new graphic novel YUMMY, and Miriam’s reading her perennial favorite, WHERE ON EARTH IS MY BAGEL by Frances and Ginger Park. The great thing about working at a […]

Writers Against Racism: “Mexican WhiteBoy” by Matt de la Pena


Guess who caught ME Reading An Author of Color’s Book? (Me. And it wasn’t easy to do. Trust me.)

Writers Against Racism: “Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work” by Edwidge Danticat

reading an AOC!_KT2010bbbb

Here I am excited about my ARC of Edwidge Danticat’s latest and proud that my review of it will be in the Oregonian! Thanks so much, Kristin Thiel! 88 more to go!!! Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work by Edwidge Danticat (Princeton University Press, October 2010)