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Writers Against Racism: ONE CRAZY SUMMER by Rita Williams-Garcia

My good buddy at Twitter, Carol Hampton Rasco, President and CEO of Reading Is Fundamental, Inc.,  sent me the following e-mail tonight:

“It is 9 p.m., has been a long day at the office and I suddenly realized there was no one left here at the Reading Is Fundamental Office with me to take the photo tonight;  I am out tomorrow through Monday on travel, and I didn’t want to forget to take a photo.  SO, I did a self portrait with the Blackberry camera (a first for me), and here it is, worn out look and all! 

I have just finished ONE CRAZY SUMMER by Rita Williams-Garcia, published by Amistad, an imprint of Harper Collins; recommended for ages 9-12, a great book!”

Thanks so much, Carol! 96 left to go!!! :)


  1. The picture came out great. I love it.

  2. Carol rocks!!!

    I am waiting for One Crazy Summer to be available here in the Philippines. ^_^

  3. I sent one of myself with One Crazy Summer to another blog. While I have other books I can send in, it took a dozen tries to get a photo where I looked good.