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Writers Against Racism: “Ash” by Malinda Lo


Attached is a picture of Em from Love YA Lit reading Ash by Malinda Lo on a rainy day in Upstate NY.  Enjoy! Off to read these final two chapters! – Em   Thanks, Em, for helping me to reach my FIRST milestone – 90 to go!!! Whoo hoo! Get Caught Reading An Author of Color’s Book – Click on […]

Writers Against Racism: “Substitute Me” by Lori L. Tharps

Substitute Me2

In this picture I’m reading Substitute Me  by Lori L. Tharps, which will be in stores August 24th.  What’s kind of funny about this picture (I realized after I took it), is that if you look really hard, behind my head you can see Hairstory, which is another book of Lori’s.   Thanks so much, […]

Writers Against Racism: Frances Kai-Hwa Wang


I saw this photograph of these adorable children in Frances Kai-Hwa Wan’s article, “Adventures in Multicultural Living–Reading, sharing, curating and subverting books to expand the definition of normal,” and immdeiately wanted to include it in my Get Caught Reading An Author of Color’s Book project. While it was taken a few months ago, it certainly serves the purpose.    From […]

Writers Against Racism: Sidney Poitier’s “Life Beyond Measure”


Shannon, over at the Reading Has A Purpose blog sent me the following treasure: “Attached is me. In my least glamorous state – fresh faced, glasses on, and hair pinned back. But who cares, I’m reading Sidney Poitier! LIFE BEYOND MEASURE.”  

Writers Against Racism: Zetta Elliott’s A WISH AFTER MIDNIGHT


Shadra Strickland in her “reading chair” with Zetta Elliott’s A WISH AFTER MIDNIGHT AmazonEncore (February 16, 2010).

Writers Against Racism: Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich’s 8th Grade Superzero


Lyn Miller-Lachmann, author of Gringolandia, has been on the lookout for great books about kids who make a difference. “One of the best I’ve read recently is Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich’s 8th Grade Superzero (Scholastic, 2010). Reggie is such a wonderful character. Facing an 8th grade year ruined by an unfortunate incident on the first day, he […]

Writers Against Racism: ONE CRAZY SUMMER by Rita Williams-Garcia


My good buddy at Twitter, Carol Hampton Rasco, President and CEO of Reading Is Fundamental, Inc.,  sent me the following e-mail tonight: “It is 9 p.m., has been a long day at the office and I suddenly realized there was no one left here at the Reading Is Fundamental Office with me to take the photo tonight; […]

Writers Against Racism: “Every Reasonable Doubt” by Pamela Samuels-Young


This is a picture of Book-a-Licious Book Club members holding a book entitled Every Reasonable Doubt, by Pamela Samuels-Young (Kimani Press – February 1, 2006). Pamela spoke at our meeting and is in the picture on the right-hand side in the red jacket. Arlene Walker (me), Judi, Saba, Denise, Terri, Precious, Robin, Kamillah, Nitta Thanks, ladies! 98 […]

Writers Against Racism: Get Caught Reading An AOC’s Book


I was hoping to end the summer, catching everyday people, reading books by Authors of Color. Please send these jpeg snapshots to me, via e-mail, with a short blurb about the setting and who is in the picture, name of the book, author etc. to… Let’s get these books into our home and school libraries! […]

Writers Against Racism: Let’s Jingle With Jenna


Meet my ‘grand’ nieces, Ilana and Nyra.