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Writers Against Racism: One Million Men and Me by Kelly Starling Lyons


  It’s never too late to Get Caught Reading An Author of Color’s Book!!! Please, keep ’em coming… Kelly Starling Lyons, an author and who will be visiting my blog during the month of October, was kind enough to send me the following: “Amy, Here’s a picture of author and poet, Serena T. Wills, reading One Million […]

Writers Against Racism: Whistling Vivaldi: And Other Clues to How Stereotypes Affect Us


My colleague, (who’s also a good friend), sent me an e-mail this morning saying she is at a meeting and everyone’s RAVING about this book. Have any of you read it? Please share your feedback in the comment section. Sounds interesting. Right?

Writers Against Racism: CNN’s Show Me The Dumb Child

Zetta Elliott sent me this link to a CNN video that’s a must watch.  And while it’s not breaking news,  it  will break your heart (at least it broke mine).    The question I have is, what if the person asking the questions was a person of color, would the answers have been the same?  […]

Writers Against Racism: RIP, Varnette P. Honeywood


My Facebook friend and W.A.R., writer, Jan Godown Annino, sent me a message about artist/educator Varnette P. Honeywood, who I did not know passed away recently. Jan posted the following update to her status. “Jan Godown Annino remembers joy in sending out Ms. Honeywood’s beautiful cards to folks. This story celebrates her talent in resisting stereotypical views. A […]

Writers Against Racism: I finally met Zetta!

Can you hear me smiling?! Well, Zetta and I had a very dynamic planning meeting on Tuesday in preparation for our symposium – A Conversation About Books – being held at The Hewitt School in NYC.  Unfortunately, I have had to turn people away because of space constraints. NY’ers know this all too well. But not to worry, I will be hosting another […]

Writers Against Racism: A Conversation About Books


I’m very excited! Zetta Elliott and I will be meeting for the first time tomorrow to discuss our upcoming symposium, A CONVERSATION ABOUT BOOKS, scheduled for Wednesday, October 13,  AND>> WE are at full capacity!!! Our program will revolve around books in curriculum, the ‘classics’ to whom?, K-12 reading lists, and, works by authors of color.  Hopefully, this […]

Writers Against Racism: MY final catches, Rosie and My Brother!


I now realize that the number was not at all important. What was important was shining a much needed light on authors of color. And while I did not reach my goal of reaching 100 for my GET CAUGHT READING AN AUTHOR OF COLOR’S BOOK, I did, however, seem to reach a growing number of folks who want […]