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Writers Against Racism: I finally met Zetta!

Can you hear me smiling?!

Well, Zetta and I had a very dynamic planning meeting on Tuesday in preparation for our symposium – A Conversation About Books – being held at The Hewitt School in NYC.  Unfortunately, I have had to turn people away because of space constraints. NY’ers know this all too well. But not to worry, I will be hosting another seminar in the spring.

This much needed conversation will have librarians, diversity reps, and a few teachers in attendance. I’ve also managed to squeeze in small, multicultural, book publishing companies to share their new releases. 

My goals are to get the ball rolling, pass along resources, and discuss ways to help educators to think differently about books, in the hands of the 21 st century learners.

Imagine today’s students reading about  all types of people.


After my meeting with Zetta, I then met with educational consultant, Derrick Gay, who said, “You must open your symposium, by defining what you mean by diversity and multiculturalism in literarture.” I will tell you more about Derrick in a later post.