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Writers Against Racism: RIP, Varnette P. Honeywood

My Facebook friend and W.A.R., writer, Jan Godown Annino, sent me a message about artist/educator Varnette P. Honeywood, who I did not know passed away recently. Jan posted the following update to her status.

“Jan Godown Annino remembers joy in sending out Ms. Honeywood’s beautiful cards to folks. This story celebrates her talent in resisting stereotypical views. A Spellman College grad. in Atlanta, she began studying art at age 12. You may have LITTLE BILL BOOKS for BEGINNING READERS in your collections. Gratitude to her family for sharing her with the World.”

Varnette Honeywood, Whose Art Appeared on ‘Cosby Show,’ Dies at By WILLIAM GRIMES  



Ironically, and during my college days, I spent time watching ‘takes’ with my friend and mentor, Phylicia Rashad,  on the set of The Cosby Show, and had always noticed with great admiration Varnette’s artwork.  You couldn’t miss them, as they adorned the walls, and yet I always wondered who was the masterful artist. We/I do that too much…wait until someone dies to get to know the impact they’ve left. 

Watch these clips and look for Varnette’s work on the walls. RIP, my friend. Your work will live on in the hearts and the souls of all of us, whom you touched with your brush.

(artwork Varnette P. Honeywood)