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21st Century Storytelling: The Thumb Story

Right when I was piecing together the reasons why I feel like a thumb, POP! goes the comment from Robin Adelson who GETS ME!!! SHE REALLY GETS ME!!! Here’s her explanation as to why, as an educator, I’ve always felt like the thumb, since I don’t always think (or agree with) how things are done […]

21st Century Storytelling: NYPL Reflections on YA Videos & Audio

In the 21st century we are finding more and more children videotaping events. Hence the shaky video from my NYPL panel discussion: Reflections on YA. My kids took turns taping for me and petered out before the topic of diversity in YA literature – regarding book by new authors and diverse books came up.   […]

21st Century Storytelling: That’s IT!

Today was parent conferences at my school, which ultimately means my blog post about the NYPL panel discussion last night will be pushed back a bit. I am so sorry, as I am eager to post my favorable – giddy reactions to the positive path WE are ALL on! I did, however, want to point readers to a MUST HAVE […]

What’s Your Story? QR Codes and NYPL


I bet you are asking yourself WHAT IS THAT? I sure was when I first saw “that thing” in I LIVE IN THE FUTURE & HERE’S HOW IT WORKS (Crown Business 2010) by Nick Bilton.  My eyes glazed right over it, until I saw it again while prepping for my panel discussion at NYPL. Tonight […]

What’s Your Story? Today It’s WHISTLING VIVALDI by Claude Steele

In an effort to understand stereotype threats and how we are all impacted by them,  Claude Steele’s, Whistling Vivaldi: And Other Clues to How Stereotypes Affect Us (Issues of Our Time), provides an in-depth look and provocative insights to explore.

What’s Your Story?: Alan Sitomer relates to “broken home kids.”


I was born on the Upper East Side of New York City. Private schools, elite early education, dad (a lawyer) drove a spanking new Mercedes Benz. Then my parents got divorced.  Bitter, brutal, devastating. In sixth grade I suddenly found myself at a school that was more than 50% African American and even the most […]

Everybody Has A Story To Tell: Part 2


My background experiences NYC police cadet, tennis instructor, Master Teacher for PBS Channel 13, a news secretary, news researcher, news writer, news producer, and news reporter for television news, in my opinion have served positively, the hundreds of students I’ve taught over the past 15-years. Did I enter the educational system traditionally? No. Should I have? In my opinion, […]

Everybody Has A Story To Tell: Reflections on YA


Are you free on Tuesday?If you are, drop on by!

Everybody Has A Story To Tell: Part 1

As most of you already know …last week I hosted a symposium at my school: A Conversation About Books, and  for some reason – the more I reflect on it – the more I think about how much it reminded me of a blog.  Meaning…it had EVERYTHING!   Here are some snippets from Zetta’s speech. There were questions to ponder; a speaker who […]

Writers Against Racism: Reflections on YA

I have been asked to serve as a panelist for Reflections on YA, being held at The New York Public Library on Tuesday, October 26. If you are free to visit, do come by and say HI, since it’s free to the public. “As Teen Read Week comes around again, join The New York Public Library […]