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21st Century Storytelling: W.A.R. Person of the Year

Bowllan Reunion 2008 073

Anthony says hello! My brother always asks about you, my faithful readers. Now, sir, ^ up there ^ if I may… *Announcement* Bowllan’s blog (me) wants YOU to decide WHO should be the W.A.R. Person of the Year! It’s not an original idea (I know), but it is for me. Over the past five years, […]

21st Century Storytelling: Dr. Maureen Burgess

Thanksgiving Day is quickly approaching and I must say, the older I get the more I appreciate what it means to be grateful. And you would be grateful too if you worked with colleagues who inspire and motivate you to be lifelong learners. Such is the case with Dr. Maureen Burgess who was instrumental in […]

21st Century Storytelling: Ileana Jimenez

I am still at TEDxYouth@Hewitt and the stories being shared are palpable. The next speaker, Ileana Jimenez, is an educator/activist and teaches a feminism class. Take a listen as to why she chose this profession. Here’s her blog at Feminist Teacher.

21st Century Storytelling: Dr. Krupali Tejura

What are you doing right now? Yes, right now? It’s 11:40 am est., and I am sitting in The Hewitt School auditorium watching TEDxYouth@Hewitt. The live stream is here and I strongly encourage everyone to watch and help to make a change for our students’ future. This clip is of cancer doctor, Dr. Krupali Tejura, […]

21st Century Storytelling: Stirring the Pot of Color by Rafael Lopez


The following post was reprinted with permission. By…Rafael López Children’s Books: Stirring the Pot of Color Did you know that it takes an elephant 22 months of waiting before it’s calf is born? Bringing a book into the world takes just about that long. When the advance copy finally arrives on your doorstep in the […]

21st Storytelling: TEDxYouth@Hewitt “Be The Change” Video Call

This week I will be blogging about Being The Change, which is the theme for  TEDxYouth@Hewitt, held on November 20th, 2010 from 9:30am-3:00pm.  Young people in grades 8 through 12, are invited to gather at The Hewitt School to participate in a global event celebrating the ideas and power of youth to effect positive change […]

21st Century Storytelling: Dani Silberman’s Story (guest post)


Saying diversity is like saying Dani Silberman. This children’s book author that has divided his life between 3 different continents, is the  product of a mix marriage. Born in Chile in 1967 to a Jewish father and an Atheist mother from a Catholic background, Silberman was raised to respect all religions and cultures, but to […]

21st Century Storytelling: Joyce Valenza RULES!


This was my Michael Jackson moment (REALLY!) because when the King of Pop performed you couldn’t help but notice him! Such is the case for me when a librarian speaks. I am NOT kidding. It’s the same feeling! They know soooo much and it’s such a natural art form for them…that it is official, I […]

21st Century Storytelling: Behind The Scenes With Kenny Seymour

Today’s students need 21st century books AND 21st century educators who can prepare them for a 21st century workforce. Visit Kenny’s interview >>> I was on the phone with Kenny Seymour last week; just brainstorming about some upcoming projects just brainstorming about an upcoming project, and also hearing about all of his fine works.  You […]