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21st Century Storytelling: Joyce Valenza RULES!

This was my Michael Jackson moment (REALLY!) because when the King of Pop performed you couldn’t help but notice him! Such is the case for me when a librarian speaks. I am NOT kidding. It’s the same feeling! They know soooo much and it’s such a natural art form for them…that it is official, I have crowned myself in charge of: librarians’ fan club, holla! For the past 3-days I attended the NEIT 2010 conference, for technologists and librarians, held at the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I was surrounded by my idols – LIBRARIANS – for 3 whole days!!! And to cap it off, JOYCE VALENZA, YES! THE Joyce Valenza skyped into my open conference session this morning at 9:32! What a thrill!  It was a day/week like no other. I have NOTES to share and videos to upload, but more importantly, I want to keep sharing the story of the 21st century librarian. It’s a story that is endless, timeless, and relevant. It’s also a story that needs to be taught to administrators, teachers, parents, students, AND librarians who may be resistant to change.

We, as a global community of learners, MUST do what we can to spread the good news of what they’re doing – both locally and globally – because THEY are the ones who are sharing our stories that impact US, in a variety of ways & containers <<learned that this week.


And, I will NOT (NOT EVER) accept the notion that librarians are a dying breed! I WILL NOT! Sorry! That’s incorrect. They are, indeed, the leaders and transmitters of the world’s information as we know it. If you don’t like it, get OVER it!

Shout outs to all the Mohonk librarians who shared their wit and wisdom…especially Joyce Valenza who took time out of her busy day, and generously shared her ideas as to what it means to be a 21st century librarian. When Joyce came on the big screen via the skype feed, I did everything I could to contain myself! It was truly my Michael Jackson moment.

I am off now to decompress and synthesize my notes. More later, *peace sign*.

*Let’s do the WAVE for librarians* e-mail me
On Twitter @abowllan (Thanks, Ari, for the heads up!)


  1. i’ve heard so much about joyce (and mohonk house)! i’m itching to do one of her workshops. it sounds like it was an amazing conference.

    • Bemi, it was great, and Joyce was the icing on the cake!

      I have to send you an e-mail re: a spring symposium and panel I am hosting at my school. I would love for you to sit as a panelist. I’m designing the outline now, and will send out an official invite in a few days. :) -Amy

  2. Hooray! It was great to be there–great to connect with YOU–& great to soak in a bit of j.valenza’s energy. Truly excellent icing on a perfect cake.

  3. I would like to trade links


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