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21st Century Storytelling: Before W.A.R…”I am a Librarian”

Her goal was to rid the librarian stereotypes, and I do often wonder about Cynthia Wilson.

Her photography project, I am a Librarian,  featured a  portfolio of over 100 of  today’s librarians from across the country! You should definitely check it out.

(Photo by John Vettese)

“The goal of this book is to show real librarians, to show that librarians come in many different shapes and sizes, are from various backgrounds, and include all different types of people.The image of the librarian is currently portrayed as a homely woman or a sexy woman with glasses and a book in hand.
Well, men are librarians too.
In June of 2005, Cynthia shared with me the future roles of the changing librarian.
A.B. Where do you see the role of the librarian headed in years to come?  

C.W. “It would seem as if the fundamental functions of the librarian will be very much the same: to acquire and disseminate information, in whatever form it may be. It is hard to know what the future brings, but one thing I know is that the librarians of the future will have to be much more open to the possibility of constant change”.