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21st Century Storytelling: W.A.R. of the Year Nominee#3 – Jesse Joshua Watson

Jesse Joshua Watson was interviewed in August of 2009 for W.A.R. and this quote from his interview still resonates with me.

“When someone reads a story with a black character and begins to empathize with them and crawl into their skin and their problems, major construction has been done in the heart of the reader. It may not undo the years of society’s doctrine, but perhaps that little bit of ground gained will lead to a little bit more. Maybe baby steps aren’t going to solve the problems of race in our society today, but it is better than writing an entire generation off and waiting until they die to proceed.”

Since that time, Jesse traveled to Haiti to help with local support efforts. He also wrote and illustrated HOPE FOR HAITI, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the World Vision’s programs for children in Haiti.


  1. Jesse Watson amazes me. I used to have this quote on my emails:

    “Getting boys to read is difficult in our society. In my view, there are forces at work that desire us to be uneducated, simply for the purpose of creating good little consumers. We need to free our youth from the grip commercial media has on them. When a child picks up a book, it is a direct confrontation to that system. That is a type of revolution on a social scale, and I am all about that—changing the direction of our society. When you go to a library and choose your own book, you take control of your life. Even if it is a very small step, it is one in the right direction. Readers become thinkers, and thinkers become leaders”.~ Jesse Joshua Watson