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21st Century Storytellers: W.A.R. Person of the Year (More Nominees)

“I am a strong believer of the power that literature can have as a way of crossing cultural and linguistic borders. As writers, if we can envision and create worlds in which people co-exist then we can plant the seeds of change. My books have connected me with writers in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. But though both are neighboring countries, I am forbidden to enter either. Instead, I am working on putting together an on-line critique group with other writers in my part of the world. Literature allows us to see beyond the present and into a better and more tolerant future.” Anna Levine

“I’m no expert in the uses of literature to achieve social justice, but I do believe that children should read a lot, and read for pleasure, and that the present diversity in books for young readers could be even greater and even richer. And oh, please, we must somehow keep our public libraries alive. “Uma Krishnaswami

“I received some criticism for my first few books, from people who said I was being “politically correct” by including racial minorities. That made me laugh. There are racial minorities in my books, because there are racial minorities in my life.” -Brent Hartinger