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21st Century Storytelling: W.A.R. Person of the Year (More nominees)

Fiction is often a better textbook than non fiction because fiction allows readers to “live” what’s happening on the pages. That’s why I think novels that promote tolerance and understanding of EVERYONE in our society should be required reading. I honestly can’t say this better than my dear writer friend, Jim Bruce, who lives in Dublin, Ireland: “Literature seems like a good way to bypass negative parental influence on young children.” Heresy? Not when what these parents do to their children affects our society so negatively!” (George Stanley)

“As a kid, I was called “Spick” and in my twenties, living in Boston, I was referred to as, “The Ethnic Girl” and “The Minority Girl,” but that’s nothing compared to what African Americans have suffered due to racism or what I, and many LGBTQI’s, have endured as young kids coming into our sexuality. As a person who’s experienced homophobia to an extreme, and could have been a statistic due to a hate crime, I feel fired-up to use literature as an empowering tool to seamlessly fight racism and homophobia and promote tolerance. ” (Mayra Lazara Dole)

“It became a children’s book author along with my friend, JoAnne Pastel because we didn’t see many books out there that showed a group of characters that represented our kids (who are biracial), and their friends. The tagline for our company is “Growing kids through diverse learning experiences,” So I keep that in mind when I write. The word diversity isn’t just about race. It is about social styles, tolerance, learning styles, ways of learning, communication styles and so much more.” (Kakie Fitzsimmons)


  1. My 2011 might be brighter being aware of that!

  2. All of people 2011 might be brighter knowing this!