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21st Century Storytelling: W.A.R. Person of the Year (more nominees)

“Writers who write race, gender, class, sexuality, and the “other” experiences consciously, reshape the world we live in to reflect a certain sensibility. This sensibility positions the “other” smack dab in the middle of the narrative rather than on the fringe or in the margins. This, in itself, is quite radical, given the mainstream depictions of what is desirable, what is to be aspired to, and what is valuable.” -(Neesha Meminger)


“Since who we are is a sum total of our life’s experiences, how could it not? I do think the impact is more subconscious than conscious, in that my writing (to date) has not been inspired by any specific external or political motivation, but rather by my hope that the younger generations will grow into world citizens, who’ll not merely view cultural diversity as an acceptable concept, but a desirable one. Although, I suppose “normalizing diversity” would be considered a political motivation by some….” -(Tameka Fryer Brown)

“Now I write from that outsider’s place, knowing that stories can silence lies in the heads of young people and replace them with joy, love, and truth.” -(Mitali Perkins)


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