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21st Century Storytelling: Yolanda Be Cool – We No Speak Americano

My daughter found for me the perfect song to match how hectic my life has been. Just this week someone sent me an e-mail and the subject read: WHERE ARE YOU?  I had to laugh to myself because I have been asking myself the same question since I am ALL OVER THE PLACE. Here’s been […]

21st Century Storytelling: Before W.A.R…”I am a Librarian”


Her goal was to rid the librarian stereotypes, and I do often wonder about Cynthia Wilson. Her photography project, I am a Librarian,  featured a  portfolio of over 100 of  today’s librarians from across the country! You should definitely check it out. (Photo by John Vettese) “The goal of this book is to show real librarians, to show […]

21st Century Storytelling: W.A.R. of the Year Nominee#3 – Jesse Joshua Watson


Jesse Joshua Watson was interviewed in August of 2009 for W.A.R. and this quote from his interview still resonates with me. “When someone reads a story with a black character and begins to empathize with them and crawl into their skin and their problems, major construction has been done in the heart of the reader. It […]

21st Century Storytelling: W.A.R of the Year Nominee#2 – Arianna


Arianna, Arianna if ONLY you were around when I was a teenager, who knows where I would be today. And if you don’t subscribe to Arianna’s blog, you should. No excuses. She’s a maverick teen who is on a mission to educate the world about the multitude of authors of color out there. Her W.A.R. interview […]

21st Century Storytelling: Before W.A.R…


basically I blogged about librarians and technologists who were ‘moving and shaking’ at their respective schools. Not literally. But you know what I mean.  So as I sit here with a hot laptop on my lap, combing through my 2005 ‘ar-CH-ives’ (as pronounced by one of my darling students), I’m wondering “WHERE ARE THEY NOW?”  For example, Dianne Kimball, […]

21st Century Storytelling: W.A.R Nominee#1 – Debbie Reese


I profiled Debbie Reese back in September of 2009, and continue to be intrigued by her tireless efforts to educate us about American Indians in children’s literature. Please watch the video below, so you can learn what is rarely taught in our schools. Reese provides “Critical perspectives of indigenous peoples in children’s and young adult […]