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21st Century Storytelling: Skydancing with the Mohawk Indians

Yes. That is me in the clouds with the Empire State Building just over my shoulder. This photo was taken earlier today and I am glad it’s in silouhette because I had nothing to do with its beauty.  The Mohawk Indians, however, had everything to do with it. #21stcenturystorytelling

All this week I will be visiting (with my students) the observation deck of Rockefeller Center’s, TOP OF THE ROCK, in NYC. If you’ve never been there, GO! It’s an amazing, SKY HIGH experience that will leave you wondering, WHO IN THE HECK could have BUILT THIS!?

And if you do nothing else tonight, I DARE YOU to watch this video below.

The Mohawk Indians were the brave men who literally took their lives in their hands and built the skyscrapers in many of the cities we call HOME.  And while I braved the REALLY long elevator ride that lasted forty one seconds, with a gust of wind that greeted me at the 67 floor, these men braved the skies (and the elements) with NO harnesses to help them.  What they had was the determination and the courage to face the sky.

Teachers are welcome to use the wiki I created for lesson plans on Top of the Rock and The Mohawk Indians.  This also has Mohawk Sky Walkers and Skydancers children’s book written all over it!