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Writers Against Racism: 60 MINUTES and “Huckleberry Finn”

Just in case you missed 60 Minutes (on CBS) last weekend, Byron Pitts reported on the neverending “Huckleberry Finn” saga and the use of the word nigger.  He did a great job by showing all aspects of the controversy.  Take a look.

Since I was in high school, I have been on the fence as to whether or not Huck and To Kill A Mockingbird were books that I needed to read; but who wants to argue with a teacher? I am sure you can tell, nothing has changed for me since then. I still ask, are these books relevant? Are there other more contemporary books out there that students (and teachers) can learn from?  As educators, it is incumbent on us to keep having conversations about today’s reading lists.  Imho, reading lists should change. They actually need to change in an effort to cultivate a garden of new crops.  Just imagine what life would be like if the Industrial Revolution didn’t begin – serve its purpose – then end? What happens if we keep these reading lists for another 100-years?

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  1. I wonder why the NEGRO Byron Pitts was selected to do this segment of a show that IMHO is riddled with RACISM. FACT: That word N—-er, is a word that is intended to demean and demoralize a major segment of the world’s population. It has no value and does nothing to imporve communications between people. I notice that 60 Minutes have never done a show on vanishing racial and nationalty demeaning terms such as, and forgive me for using these words, Kike(Jew), Deigo(Italian), Spic(Mexican-Hispanic-Latino), Honkey(White), Krout(German), Limie(British), Fraug (French), Slope (Asian), Beaner (Mexican), Cracker(Poor White Person) Peckerwood(Poorly educated White), Mick(Irish).

    And remember the “N word” is not a word, it is a social concept or a person’s status in the society.

    In fact people have been fired from TV shows, BLACK PEOPLE OF COURSE, for using a word that has been re-designated as an insult to a person’s sexual preference. There is also the new outrage at using a word that is considered offensive to women, the B– word.

    So forgive my confusion at 60 Minutes ovbious desire to use the N word, when they avoid using the B word. Seems using a word that is offensive to a woman’s attitude, should be much more acceptable then using a word that is intended to be offensive to a major portion of the world’s population. Also the use of the word indicates ignorance on the part of the user. The word is a mispronunciation of the Spanish word “Negro”. And for Mr. Pitts’ education, the word Nigger was not a word that Africans imposed upon themselves, it is a word that was forced on them.

    So Mr. Pitts and your most likely WHITE producers, how about doing a show on highly intelligent Negroes, like member of MENSA, oh but you did, but failed to air that segment which was filmed in Denver, Co. Or maybe you can do a show on Wiggers, you know, White people who want to be N words.

    Finally Mr. Pitts, who is not old enough to fully understand the impact the N word had on people when used by White police officers as they struck Negroes with night sticks or fired bullets into their flesh, you should go out and fully experience racism before you allow yourself to be party to an attempt by BIGOTS, RACISTS, FACISTS, to revitalize the use of such a disgusting term.