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Writers Against Racism: NAIS In Pursuit of the Multicultural Curriculum

In 1999, the National Association of Independent Schools published a cover story, ON THE ROAD TO EQUITY AND JUSTICE. One article in that series that is a must read IN PURSUIT OF THE MULTICULTURAL CURRICULUM Preparing Students for a Diverse Society by Lucinda Lee Katz.

In it Katz writes, “Despite the risks involved, our curricula must continue to include the perspectives, contributions, literature, history, and culture of all groups of people. We must always ask ourselves whose story is not being told. A monocultural view of the world is a distortion of reality, and to offer our children an education based on this narrow perspective would be to miseducate them. Limiting the voices and stories we allow our children to hear may temporarily quiet the controversy, but in the end will only deprive them of the opportunity to learn about and to confront issues of diversity in honest and thoughtful ways. The real challenge is how we prepare our teachers to receive this wide array of differences, and out of it build an inclusive, multicultural community in the classroom.”

It is now 2011.  Is your school making inroads in regards to designing a multicultural curriculum? If so, share your story.  In my travels, the question that is most on the table is how do we diversify our student body? My answer, if you do not have a diverse curriculum and forward thinking teachers – willing to participate in professional development – then what good is a diverse school?

Let me know your thoughts.

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