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Writers Against Racism: Day of Dialog by Paul Griffin

"Diversity in YA Literature" panelists left to right: Cindy Pon, Malinda Lo, Rita Williams-Garcia, and Paul Griffin.

Paul Griffin was kind enough to recap for me the Diversity in YA lit panel discussion at SLJ’s Day of Dialog. I am posting his letter in its entirety so readers can see how an act of kindness can make all the difference for someone – like me – who is facing a few temporary ‘bumps’ in the road of […]

Writers Against Racism: Become a Literacyhead!


A Notice From Shadra Strickland Illustration: Hey friends, I am trying to spread the word about Literacyhead’s new Youtube channel and lifetime membership offer. Would you mind helping to get the word out? Literacyhead is a great organization that believes in the power of art and literature for our children. Jan Burkins, the executive director, […]

Writers Against Racism: THE DAY AFTER…Day of Dialog

If you haven’t yet seen the photos from the Day of Dialog, PLEASE visit School Library Journal’s Flickr page for lots of cool pictures. I’m still upset that I was not able to moderate the Diversity in YA panel> BUT< Paul Griffin, one of the author panelists, has agreed  to send me a synopsis.  We should have that […]

Writers Against Racism: Happy Belated Birthday, Bowllan’s Blog!

On our way to school this morning

On May 10th my blog turned 6! How in the world did I miss my own blog’s birthday? Shame on ME! Wow, what a year! 1) On May 22, School Library Journal began its migration over to Word Press, which means a Happy Birthday is in order to the Wonderful World of  WordPress (flaws and all). 2)  In February, my […]

Writers Against Racism: Obama’s Inspired By Students

My niece, Camille, posted this video on her Facebook wall today and when I tell you – TOUCHING! Wow! Camille said it right, “A little inspiration goes a long way!”  It also a part of the story that’s not always revealed in books – yet it’s still a story worth sharing. Before you watch, grab your Kleenex!

Writers Against Racism: DAIS – “Learning The Language of Power”


Dear readers, your support and kind words are tremendously appreciated. Thank you for the e-mails, blog comments and Facebook posts.   TRUTH: The first leg of this journey feels like I have been catapulted into the same world from a different entry point.  It’s dramatically different. TRUTH:  My recent breast cancer diagnosis began as an emotional roller coaster with my thoughts jumping into the future – back […]

Writers Against Racism: My New And Unexpected Journey


The next 6-months will be an unknown journey for me (and my family) because on May 2nd  I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  As far as what stage it is, tests are still in the works.  But yesterday I informed my children of my current health condition and I also wanted to inform you, my readers.  Why? Well, […]

Writers Against Racism: Happy Mother’s Day – My Book Pick

Happy Mother’s Day, Moms! Author Samantha Vamos will be visiting my school in the fall and I am thrilled to facilitate the visit. Here’s my Mother’s Day children’s book pick – Before You Were Here, Mi Amor. What’s yours? E-mail me: Follow me on Twitter: @abowllan Find me on Facebook!

Writers Against Racism: Bravo to SLJ!


It is about inclusivity. I was pleasantly surprised to see on the School Library Journal homepage, Newbery Books Lack Characters With Disabilities by Debra Lau Whelan.  “Although there have been more kids with disabilities portrayed in Newbery Medal-winning titles in recent years, there still remains a huge discrepancy between the number of characters in Newbery Award-winning […]

Writers Against Racism: Summer Reading List in May

Some of my colleagues and I were brainstorming ideas on how to generate a living, breathing and viable summer reading list, so parents have MORE to choose from than just the ‘same-old-same-old’.  So we agreed on having a diverse array of books, the ‘classics’, and parents’ suggestions. After the meeting, I posted a query on […]