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Writers Against Racism: DAIS – “Learning The Language of Power”

Dear readers, your support and kind words are tremendously appreciated. Thank you for the e-mails, blog comments and Facebook posts. 

 TRUTH: The first leg of this journey feels like I have been catapulted into the same world from a different entry point.  It’s dramatically different.

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"I still feel like me and that's all I can feel." Monday, May 16, 2011

TRUTH:  My recent breast cancer diagnosis began as an emotional roller coaster with my thoughts jumping into the future - back to the past – and then here to the present. This post is all over the place because that was cancer does to you, once you’ve been diagnosed.

For example, now when I receive a prayer card in the mail (from my mother’s friend), or a phone call from my sister (in the early part of the morning – when she never called me before), my eyebrow quickly raises.  These are sweet gestures that I am trying very hard to accept with grace, but inside I keep saying, “I AM STILL THE SAME ME! I DIDN’T GO ANYWHERE!”

Also, I remember as a little girl playing hide-and-go-seek  in my house with my brothers (Remember that game?). Well one day I found the perfect hiding place – our tiny storage closet - big mistake. My little brothers were smarter than me and locked me inside. I screamed and banged until they let me out. Hence I have had HORRIBLE  claustrophobia ever since!  I mention this because tomorrow I have a PET and bone scan scheduled, and on Wednesday, a closed MRI. YIKES, is all I can say.  And no, I am NOT taking pictures of this scene. *smile*

On a separate note…1cpP1030175.JPG.w180h147 Writers Against Racism: DAIS   Learning The Language of Power

This past Saturday I spent the day with almost 400 students at the Diversity Awareness Initiative for Students (DAIS) 12th Annual Multicultural Student Leadership Conference.  The theme – Learning The Language of Power - with session topics includingThe Freaks Come Out At Night, Born This Way, Look Mommy – They’re Different Colors, The Minority Table.  It’s important to note that these topics were student generated and student led.  It was wonderful to see so many high school students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, interacting and sharing their stories. Joan and Ken Marable deserve high praise, as they are the dedicated organizers of this yearly event.

DAISillustration20115 v2new 300x300 Writers Against Racism: DAIS   Learning The Language of Power

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  1. Sharon Owens says:

    Hi Amy,

    Missed you at SLJ day of dialog. My prayers and thoughts are with you!!!