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Writers Against Racism: Become a Literacyhead!

A Notice From Shadra Strickland Illustration:

Hey friends,

I am trying to spread the word about Literacyhead’s new Youtube channel and lifetime membership offer. Would you mind helping to get the word out? Literacyhead is a great organization that believes in the power of art and literature for our children.
Jan Burkins, the executive director, is here in GA and has become a wonderful friend. She’s passionate about our work as artists and authors and is so diligent about using diverse picturebooks to support the classroom teaching experience.  
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  1. B Herrera says:

    Interesting. Went to the site and am intrigued.

  2. Shadra says:

    Thanks Amy!

  3. Navjot says:

    This site is every teacher’s dream! It integrates the values of critical literacy with diverse texts to make for an inclusive learning environment. I can’t wait to use it!