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Writers Against Racism: Become a Literacyhead!

A Notice From Shadra Strickland Illustration:

Hey friends,

I am trying to spread the word about Literacyhead’s new Youtube channel and lifetime membership offer. Would you mind helping to get the word out? Literacyhead is a great organization that believes in the power of art and literature for our children.
Jan Burkins, the executive director, is here in GA and has become a wonderful friend. She’s passionate about our work as artists and authors and is so diligent about using diverse picturebooks to support the classroom teaching experience.  
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  1. B Herrera says:

    Interesting. Went to the site and am intrigued.

  2. Thanks Amy!

  3. This site is every teacher’s dream! It integrates the values of critical literacy with diverse texts to make for an inclusive learning environment. I can’t wait to use it!