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Writers Against Racism: THE DAY AFTER…Day of Dialog

If you haven’t yet seen the photos from the Day of Dialog, PLEASE visit School Library Journal’s Flickr page for lots of cool pictures.

I’m still upset that I was not able to moderate the Diversity in YA panel> BUT< Paul Griffin, one of the author panelists, has agreed  to send me a synopsis.  We should have that by this weekend.

Paul was kind enough to send me an e-mail this week: “Amy…We all were thinking about you Monday.  When I gave you a shout out, somebody in the audience said, “That’s right.”  So you were missed but there in spirit.”

Thanks, Paul, for checking in on me and thank you, LizB, for filling in and moderating for me!

(((As for me, surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, May 31, and lasts about 7 1/2 hours; so my goal is to go on a marathon posting spree this weekend, with Diversity in YA as the focus. I have no idea how long recovery will take, as it is different for everybody. I’ll do my best to keep you posted.)))

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  1. B Herrera says:

    Will be thinking of you Tuesday. Positive thoughts are the stongest medicine around and can heal you when nothing else works. I have proof of it time and again in my family. I can’t count the number of times doctors gave up hope on one of us and we are still here – living life as we are given it. My best to you and your family.