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Writers Against Racism: I Love My Hair?


I love receiving e-mails from readers I don’t know because I then go on a hunt to get to know them. Such was the case with Navjot Kaur who sent me a lovely e-mail today, which then led me to her blog SOCH (which means to think and reflect). I’ve been doing a lot of […]

Writers Against Racism: The Untold Story – Black Hospitals in America

A few months back, my dear cousin, Dr. Monica Benjamin Hayes,  introduced me to her colleague, Nathaniel Wesley Jr., as she knew his research on black hospitals in Amercia would intrigue me.  Nat agreed to this interview. A.B. What made you decide to go ahead and write this very important book? In 1977 I was asked by the National […]

Writers Against Racism: A Father’s Day Tribute – Jean Leroy Gratia


Here’s another Father’s Day tribute/story from Gina Gratia. I have an AWESOME dad to share with you. My father’s name is Jean Leroy Gratia and he’s from the island of Haiti. He was and still is the head of the Gratia household. My father was strict when my two older sisters and I were little […]

Writers Against Racism: Father’s Day Tribute – George E. Stanley

While I was away… Charles Stanley, one of  the sons of (my good buddy and) the late author George E. Stanley wrote to me (see below).  What a pleasant surprise! George wrote to me often and shared how proud he was of his wonderful children and I am sure Father’s Day will be particularly hard […]

Writers Against Racism: And Still We Learn

My daughter and I in the hospital...on the mend. YAY!

“When you get, give, when you learn, teach.” -Maya Angelou And I have learned a lot over the past three months, since discovering a hairline dimple on my left breast – that beneath it grew a  2.3 centimeter, cancerous lump.  That lump – which was removed two weeks ago – has become yet another chapter […]