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Writers Against Racism: Father’s Day Tribute – George E. Stanley

While I was away…

Charles Stanley, one of  the sons of (my good buddy and) the late author George E. Stanley wrote to me (see below).  What a pleasant surprise! George wrote to me often and shared how proud he was of his wonderful children and I am sure Father’s Day will be particularly hard for his family this year, since George’s passing in February.

Happy Father’s Day, George! Your wonderful works continue to live on.

Charles Stanley says:

Amy, I apologize for the tardy post, but I too wanted to thank you for re-posting this interview – I read it frequently. I’m Dr. Stanley’s youngest son. It has been incredibly difficult not having him around these past few months and I imagine this hole I have will remain for the rest of my life. However, his love for family, friends, and work has always inspired me to dream big and pursue those dreams relentlessly – for that I am eternally grateful.

Regarding the topic of racism, I hope that others pick up the torch and fight back through WAR – Writers Against Racism. It is a just and worthy cause that demands attention. I work for an organization that reacts swiftly to stem the tide of civil rights violations – but we can’t do it alone. The criminal justice system is a small sliver of the solution…the rest must be a coordinated effort by local communities, the legislature (state/federal), and public/private organizations. Dad was right – there has to be a candid, serious discussion and I believe WAR could be the driving force in pushing the issue to the forefront.

Dad spoke of you and your website often, Amy. I hope he inspired you as much as he inspired me. Take care and don’t hesitate to write.


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  1. B Herrera says:

    What a wonderful letter to receive at this time. My father and Dr. Stanley were two of the most generous and inspiring men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I lost them both this last year. What a blessing to hear from Dr. Stanley’s son, reminding us how important it is to carry on their philosophy of solving our differences by talking to and accepting each other. Charles – your father was the most positive man on earth. He could move mountains with his gentle smile. Every time I asked a favor of him, he reacted as if I were the one doing a favor for him. And he spoke so highly of you and your brother. You were the highlight of a life filled with special events. Amy – thanks for keeping his WAR dream up and running. He would be the first to give you all the credit.