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Writers Against Racism: Live from your essence

It started out with a huge wind gust! Go ahead! It's okay to laugh. :)

I think I found an appropriate theme to share with my students in the fall: Live from your essence…live with eachother. Guiding questions: Where do we see this happening in everyday life? Where in literature do we see people searching for their essence. Valentina Acava Mmaka posted this TED video: Thandie Newton: Embracing otherness, embracing myself on […]

Writers Against Racism: Summer Camp and Perspective

Amy and Christina

“Camp is where I learned to work. I learned not to puke just because someone else was puking. I learned how to air out wet sleeping bags, to do laundry wearing rubber gloves, and to talk a homesick kid into feeling better.” (Tanita S. Davis) And as we all grieve for the innocent victims of […]

Writers Against Racism: Summer Scarf Contest#3 and More

Lemonade Stand - Summer Scarf Contest#3

 So far so good, having finished round 2 of chemotherapy yesterday and a shot of neulasta today. Neulasta is a potent drug administered 24-hours after chemo to generate white bloods cells through the bone marrow.                                   Drum roll for My Summer Head Scarf – ‘Lemonade Stand’ Contest#3 – Scale of 1 – 5 – Five […]

Writers Against Racism: Scarves, Lemonade Stand, and Malinda Lo

My Head Scarf - 'Lemonade' Contest -  Scale of 1 - 5  - Five is top

Great idea, Beverly H.! My Summer Scarf ‘Lemonade Stand’ Contest HAS commenced! Here’s today’s écharpe, which comes courtesy of a dear friend and colleague, K.L.  Thanks, friend, for sending me the headscarves! I am also catching up on an important article I missed – argh – A Healthy Dose of Diversity by author and Day […]

Writers Against Racism: Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1st Chemotherapy Session - July 6 - Amy, Mark, Joanne

One week ago today I started chemotherapy and all I can say is – THUG.  It’s that rough – like somebody raiding you of everything – all for the sake of what’s best.  For example, my interest in reading books has waned a bit, as has my writing. I’m pushing through it though and listening […]

Writers Against Racism: ROOTS AND BLUES by Arnold Adoff


Tomorrow begins my first round of chemotherapy and I thought I’d share with you some of my reading materials I will be bringing along, since the treatment sessions last about 2 1/2 hours. *ugh* His belief is that, “writing a poem is making music with words and space.” -Arnold Adoff (comes via PoetStudy) Back in […]

Writers Against Racism: Bur Bur Books Revisited


Gosh! It’s been at least three years since I first introduced you to co-creators and co-authors, Kakie Fitzsimmons and JoAnne Pastel of  Bur Bur and Friends.  I LOVE their series because it reflects the real world that our children are growing up in, which is culturally, socially, ability – well, it’s diverse – and that’s a good thing. And while […]