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Writers Against Racism: Bur Bur Books Revisited

Gosh! It’s been at least three years since I first introduced you to co-creators and co-authors, Kakie Fitzsimmons and JoAnne Pastel of  Bur Bur and Friends.  I LOVE their series because it reflects the real world that our children are growing up in, which is culturally, socially, ability – well, it’s diverse – and that’s a good thing.

And while one of the characters, Raj, is being profiled on their blog today, you can meet ALL the friends by clicking here.

“Emphasizing GREAT possibilities! That is the heart beat of Bur Bur and Friends multicultural children books! We want every child to hold close the possibilities and adventures that are to be had outdoors through new explorations but even more so to hold close the endless possibilities that lie within themselves.”


  1. Hi Amy, thanks for the beautiful post! Really a pleasant surprise.

    How the time flies. Its hard to believe we began the process in 2005 with JoAnne’s brilliant idea of an ABC boating book. We launched the books in 2007 at The Mall of America and since then, the ride has been such a gift.

    In addition to introducing kids to discovering new adventures that promote healthy living, we have also have characters who come from different cultures, family structures and so much more. In addition, we have also had the honor to educate people about physical diseases and disorders such as Cerebral Palsey, Neurofibromatosis (a genetic tumor disease), CAID (an auto immune disease), Diabetes and Downs Syndrome.

    Both JoAnne and I can now say we have 12 kids and it doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you for your ongoing support and friendship. It has really been a blessing. :)