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Writers Against Racism: Summer Camp and Perspective

“Camp is where I learned to work. I learned not to puke just because someone else was puking. I learned how to air out wet sleeping bags, to do laundry wearing rubber gloves, and to talk a homesick kid into feeling better.” (Tanita S. Davis)
And as we all grieve for the innocent victims of the Oslo shootings, I encourage you to read Tanita S. Davis’s blog post on the significance, the safety, and the sanctity of attending summer camp.  Thanks, Tanita! This came via Twitter…
Jen Robinson
JensBookPage Jen Robinson
RT @chasingray: Tanita Davis on loving camp and mourning with Norway: She has words I don’t. [I agree.]

I know we are all struggling with this heartbreaking tragedy but one thing I was reminded of by reading Tanita’s post, which came moments after I was ready to post my own scarf update was — perspective.

And now when I re-read the following post, it seems quite insignificant to me.

Thank you for the feedback on my scarves.  Last Wednesday was my second chemo session and as the doctors informed me (from the beginning), the chemo WILL take my hair out.  You always have some hope that you will beat the odds and be the exception to their rule but from Wednesday until today, the hair came OUT!  OUT! OUT!  And boy was that tough.  There’s no preparation for it either. Thankfully, I am feeling pretty well, using brisk morning walks as medicine.  Under normal circumstances, reading would allow me to escape from the madness; but chemotherapy is forcing me to keep my focus on me.  I’ve cheated though. I’ve outsmarted chemotherapy by looking for ways to fill my info-maven-bug.  Before I share ‘what-I’m-taking-in’, here’s my next Summer Scarf Lemonade Stand#3 – which happens to be my mom’s favorite.  What do you think? I like the scarf but it’s a little too vintage for this summer heat, yes? This one reminds me of my late grandmother’s curtains she used to hang during the holidays.

My Summer Scarf Lemonade Stand Contest - On a scale of 1-5? Five is the HIGH! :)


  1. bherrera says:

    I give this one a three. Although it is beautiful, it does not do justice to the sparkle in your eyes. It would be great if there were snow on the ground, but I don’t think it’s that cold anywhere in the mainland US. It’s up to 112 where I am and every day has been over 100. That scarf definitely makes me hot just looking at it. Save it for cooler weather, when it’ll make you look absolutely fantastic.
    Oslo reminds me that no place is 100% safe, so it does no good to hide in our homes out of fear. We have to be vigilent, provide the safest possible environment, and enjoy the experiences of life. We could barracade ourselves against evil, but there is no guarantee that we have not barracaded ouselves from from potential help against the evil which is within the ‘safe room.’ Some things happen which cause us to shake our heads and ask why when there is no logical explanation and the illogical reasons don’t help us accept what happened. We just have to redouble our efforts to live our lives to the fullest in spite of unexpected, tragic obstacles. Every day I am reminded that I cannot control the actions of others; I can only hope to possitively influence them.
    Amy, stick in there. Reading a complete sentence was so hard for me when I was sick, but I still managed to maintain my optimism by focusing on the most important thing for each day. Some days it was getting my big toe to move again; other days it was walking to the door and back without having to be held up by my therapists. And some days it was simply letting my kids know everything was going to be okay by smiling and listening to them. And remember, hair is nothing. Losing all yours is just nature’s way of letting you start over with all fresh material.
    Thinking positive thoughts about you and yours.

  2. Perspective means enjoying life in defiance of the darkness. You go and rock that scarf! (I like #3 – they all suit you really well, but I love the earrings in that shot, too. Health to you, Amy!)

  3. I give it a four for its vibrant color. Yes it’s more of a mulberry fall color but still beautiful. And I’ve been out of the loop and was unaware of your fight. Fight on, Amy. Best wishes for a recovery.

  4. Amy,
    Love the scarf. You’re radiant in anything you wear. Praying for you and sending lots of love your way. Your grace, generosity and courage are inspiring. Thank you for sharing with us. May God bless you always.

  5. This is my favorite but not so much for how it looks but more for how you’re wearing it. You look confident, radiant and happy. And of course, having Christina smiling by your side doesn’t hurt.